All users, except the owner’s account, have restricted access when their user is created. To change a user’s permissions you need to navigate to the left-hand side of the screen where the menu is and select ‘Users’. On this screen, you will see a list of options besides the name of the users. Click on permissions and you should see a screen similar to the image below.

Each permission is explained below;

View Clients

The ‘View Clients’ permissions allow you to look at your client’s profiles and details. It also allows you to see how many quotes are attached to a client along with some details about them. This includes the state of the quote, the number of tasks, percentage of the tasks completed, the ID and the notes.

Add/Edit Clients

To be able to effectively use this permission you need to have the Permission ‘View Clients’ checked as well. This permission will allow you to add create new clients and edit an existing client’s details.

View Quote

The ‘View Quote’ permissions allow you to view a quotes details. This includes creating documents for the quote, viewing details progress information and how the quote has changed over its revisions.

Add/Edit Quote

To use this permission, ‘View Quote’ needs to be granted. This permission will let you use the Quote builder, Schedule and Assign the work, duplicate the quote and change the quotes state.

View Parts

‘View Parts’ allows you to look at the parts details screen. This screen will give you detail about the part that includes its retailer, price, product code, stock count, quantity measurements, minimum stock and its group. However, a low stock warning is provided on the home screen which can be view without any permissions.

Add/Edit Parts

The ‘Add/Edit Parts’ permissions require the ‘View Parts’ permissions to be granted in order to make use of it. By having this permission you are able to add, edit, delete and duplicate parts.

View Pre Programmed Tasks

‘View Pre Programmed Tasks’ Allows a user to view the details of a task. This includes the task ID, the parts required for the task, parts cost, time taken to perform the task, the install cost, schedule position and the group.

Add/Edit Pre Programmed Tasks

The ‘Add/Edit Pre Programmed Tasks’ permission allows you to view and edit all of the above along with the quality checklist, description, and the tasks images. Without the permission to view the tasks, you will not be able to add or edit tasks.

View/Edit Company Settings

Some of the company settings can view through the system on things like document. This permission allows you to view all of the company settings and change them. This includes quote settings, contact details, and wage deductions.

Add/Edit Calendar

The ‘Add/Edit Calendar’ permission allows you to edit what dates are automatically shown on each calendar. With this permission, you can also create new calendars.

View/Edit User Settings

The user’s details are kept private across the system unless a user has ‘View/Edit User Settings’ permissions. This allows a user to change all the details for a user, as well as deleting a user.

View Pay

Users pay is based on when tasks they have signed off for. To be able to view, calculate or create payslips you need the ‘View Pay’ permission. Once a task has been added to a pay slip, unless the payslip is deleted, that task can not be applied to another pay slip.
User Permissions