One of the features of our CMS is that it allows you to track your jobs. This can be done by first assigning a quote to a user. After that, the user can then sign tasks off of the quote.

Assigning Quote


To assign a quote to a user you will first need to find that quote through the client list. Once you have done that you need to click on ‘Assign Work’. This screen will tell you what users, if any, have been assigned to the quote. Click ‘Add’ and selected the users that you would like to assign to the quote.

Signing Off Tasks


To sign off a task you will first need to be assigned to the quote. Once you have done that you can navigate to ‘Sign Tasks’ in the menu. Find the quote that you want to sign off a task for and click’Sign Tasks’. On the right-hand side of the screen with been a column called ‘Status’. Click on the crosses to sign off the relevant tasks.

Overriding Tasks


To be able to override a sign task you will need to have the ‘Add/edit parts’ permissions enabled on your user. This can be done by the account own. To override a signed task navigate to the quote that the task is attached to. Then select ‘Progress’ to view the tasks and who has signed it off. On the right-hand column, you can then change who has signed off the task.

View Progress


Task progress can be viewed from two location on the system. The first on is on the dashboard. Click the ‘Toggle’ button next to the title ‘Client Task Progress’. This will give you an overview of how far each quote is to competition. For a more detailed view, you can use the menu to navigate to ‘Progress > Task Progress’. This will give you details of what tasks have been signed off and by who.

Tracking Work Progress