Adding Parts

One of the benefits of using One Click Solution to generate your quotes is that it allows you to quickly create and quote. However, data does need to be entered before you can begin to create your quotes. This data consists of two things. One of them being to task and the other being the parts.

Tasks are important when creating your quotes, however, parts can be left out. Though if this is done it will restrict you from using other functionalities that One Click Solution offers. Like stock control and “Parts & Material” lists.

The first thing you need to do is go to the left-hand menu and navigate to “Parts > Add Part”.

add parts

Here you can fill out all the information you have on the parts you use for each task. The best way to do this is by using the lower common measurement of the part you will need. This then allows you to use the “Quantity” option when creating and editing a task.

If the least of a part you’ll use is half a bag for one task and for another task you need to use 2 bags of your product, you can use a “Quantity” of 1 for your first task and a “Quantity” of 4 for your second task.

By doing this it means that when a retailer or supplier changes the products code or price that you will only need to update one product and the information will change for all of the tasks.

Adding Tasks

Once you’ve added the parts that you need for your task you can then look at adding the task. This is done in almost the same way that adding a part is. Go to the left-hand side menu and navigate to “Pre Programmed Tasks > Add Pre Programmed Task”.

add task

On the right-hand side will be input boxes where information about the task goes, on the left-hand side is where you can add parts to the selected task. To add the part to the task multiple time you can select the part multiple times. You can also use the plus button next to the part in the part list on the left-hand side.

Once you have added the tasks you can then move on to building you quotes using the quote builder. You can also create quotes from the template builder.

Tasks & Parts