Adding a Schedule Position

The schedule positions are used to separate tasks on the quotes, invoices, and schedules. You can create them by going to the left-hand menu and navigating to “Settings > Schedule Positions > Add”.

schedule positions

You will them be given 3 input boxes to fill in. The name, description and schedule position number.

The name will show up as subheadings on the quotes for the task lists. This can be enabled from “Settings > Company” in the left-hand menu. The description is just for you and the schedule number is the order that the tasks go in, ranging from 0 upwards.

Editing a Schedule Position

Schedule Positions are part of the pre-programmed data. This means that when you change the data that it will not affect your quotes unless you sync the quote from within the quote builder.

To edit a schedule position you will need to navigate to “Settings > Schedule Position”. From a list, you can then select the schedule position that you would like to edit. From here it is them same as adding a new schedule position.

What’s next

Now that you have created the schedule positions you can then look at applying them to the tasks. This will allow you to create a simple schedule to work from and a more complex Gantt chart for information to make long-term planning more effective.

Task Schedule Positions