Choosing your editor

There are 3 editors that this tutorial applies to. This is the quote builder, the additional quote builder, and the template builder.

The quote builder is for the initial quote that is provided for the customer. These tasks are listed on all documents. The additional quote builder is for tasks that were required but not quoted for. These tasks are listed on all documents except for the “Quote” documents. However, they do show up on the invoice.

These can be found by going into a client’s profile, then into a quote that is attached to that client. underneath the subtitle “Edit” will be 2 buttons. One labelled “Quote Builder” and the other labelled “Additional”. If you have yet to create a client click here to find out how. If you have a client but no quote, follow this tutorial.

The template builder works in almost the same way as the quote builder but with fewer features. In the quote builder, you are able to edit a task and the parts that are attached to it. This can not be done in the template builder.

Using the editor

Using the quote builder to create your quotes is very quick once all appropriate data has been added into the system. This includes parts & tasks, click here to find the tutorial for adding parts & tasks.

On the left-hand side of the quote builder screen is all of the tasks that you have added. On the top are the groups and below is that tasks that are not in a group. By clicking on a group, you load the group’s subgroups and the tasks inside of that group. If you have not sorted your tasks into groups you can view this tutorial to see how.

On the right-hand side are the tasks that you have added to the quote. Once you have added a task to your quote you can then look at changing the task and parts details. To change the task details click on the drop down array next to the task name. To change the parts click on the edit icon next to the parts label.

Below the title is a few other options. This is a multiplier and a settings icon. The settings icon will allow you to sync that task with your pre-programmed tasks and parts. This will need to be done if you have updated the tasks or parts, and want to be able to show the new data on that quote. You can also do this for all of the tasks that you have on the page by clicking sync all. Both “Sync all” and the settings icon will bring up a dialog that will ask you what data you would like to sync.

The tasks are sorted by the schedule position, you can look here to find out how to add schedule positions. They are used in the quote builder, the quotes, and the schedules.

quote builder

Revisions & Backups

Every time you update a quote a backup is taken before you update the quote. These are referred to as revisions. To be able to restore revisions you must have the original quote.  This is because quotes are attached to clients and tasks are attached to quotes.

If you’ve deleted a quote you will need to resort the quote link before you can restore the tasks. To do this go to the client’s profile and at the bottom of the page will be a list of deleted quote. Select the quote that you would like to restore.

Once you have restored the quote you can then go ahead and restore the tasks. Each backup of tasks is listed at the bottom of the quote screen. Click on one of the backups (the list of dates and times) and it will expand to show you a list of tasks, clicking on a task will then show you the tasks details.

backups revisions


What’s next

Now that you have created your quote to can go on to creating documents. There are 4 types of documents, this consists of a quote, invoice, schedules and parts & material lists. Setting up your document to display how you want them to will only take a short period of time and is all explained in this help file.

Quotes & Templates