Creating Groups

By putting your parts and tasks into groups you have more settings available. For tasks, you are able to create subheadings for the quotes and relevant builders. With parts in groups, you are able to access options like whether or not to include the parts in the parts and material lists and whether or not to display them as optional parts. This can be crucial for highlighting a list of products that you require to be provided by the client or an optional extra.

To create a group you will need to navigate to the “Add Group” buttons. These can be found on the left-hand side menu under “Pre Programmed Tasks > Groups > Add Group” and “Parts > Groups > Add Groups”.


What’s next

Once you have created the group you can then go ahead and apply your relevant tasks and parts to it. Making it easier to sort and manage.

Another functionality of the groups is their ability to act as subgroups. This can be done by setting the parent group when creating or editing the group. The subgroups can be as many levels deep as you require.

Parts & Task Groups