Each document is generated by adding tasks to the quote builder. There are 6 types of documents. They consist of quotes, invoices, schedules, quality checklist, relevant training documents, brochure, and parts & material lists.


Quotes & Invoices

Quote and invoice documents are created from that tasks that are added in the quote builder. In a table, it will list the title task, the cost of parts and the cost of labor. This is then accumulated as a total at the bottom and end of columns.

In the settings for parts groups you can select and option called ‘Optional Parts’. This means that it will add those parts and relative information to the bottom of the quote. You can then choose what titles you want to use by navigating to ‘Settings > Company’ in the menu.

The only difference between the quote and invoice documents is that the invoice documents also calculates the total of an additional tasks list. This can be used if additional tasks are required after issuing the original quote.


Schedule are again created from tasks that are added in the quote builder. The tasks order by the schedule position data that is attached to them. Include on the top of the document is the client’s information and quote number.

Parts & Materials

The parts & materials document calculates the total amounts for each part. It also includes information like the retailers, prices, and product code. You can then use the editor so decide what you want to sort the parts by before you print.

Quality Check List

The quality checklist is a list of quality checks that are assigned to each task. All of the quality checks related to the quote are compiled into one document so you can make sure you work is done to a top quality. Quality checks can be added to tasks when you create or edit them.

Relevant Training Material

The relevant training material document is created from information that is attached to each task and each part included in your quote. The tasks and parts can also have an image attached to them as a visual aid.


The brochure, like the training material documents, is generated from information attached to the tasks and parts. This can be changed when editing or adding parts and tasks. By only including the relevant text your clients will be able to receive a brochure that is custom made to their specifications.