Business Management Solutions

Here at One Click Solution were pride ourselves on making your life as easy as possible but trying to simulate what can be stressful processes for your business. We do this by providing several tools that can work with each other or by themselves.

We are always looking to make improvements. If you have an idea of how we can improve our software then you can click here to get in touch with us.

Quote Builder

One of the first features that we developed as a business solution was the quote builder. This feature allows you to quickly navigate through the tasks that you have pre-programmed into the system. Once you have added the tasks that you are looking for you can then edit each task individually without changing the pre-programmed task.

Stock Management

Another feature that One Click Solution offers for businesses is the management of their stocks. When you check a quote off as accepted or complete it will decrease your stock amounts depending on what parts are used. Allowing you to keep track of your stock with no extra effort.

Day-to-day calendar

On the dashboard will be information about the calendars that you have created. Different stages of the quote can then be assign to each day as well as the client that it is related to. You are able to have unlimited calendars meaning that you can have a calendar per a user allowing you to keep it as simple as needed.

Creating Schedule

Once you have created a quote you can then create a schedule from it. The tasks are sorted  by the schedule positions that you assign to them. First by the schedule position created in the settings menu, then by the letter that has been assigned to them.

The Right Parts & Materials

Making sure you have all of the correct parts and materials can sometimes be an issue. Especially if you are starting a big job. From the tasks that you have added to the quote a parts and materials list can be generated. This can include information like product code, stock counts and the amount required.

Quality Checks

One type of document that will be produced from a quote will be a quality check sheet. This is a list that you have entered yourself into the system, and you can then print all quality check that is related to the quote from one click.

Customer Management

Once you have created a client and a customer you can assign stages to them. These are created in the settings menu and you are able to view the collective progress them in the work stages menu item under the progress menu item. You are also able to make the stages changed color based on their value and the time since the value has changed.

Automatically Generated Payslips

If you have your users checking off tasks as they work through a job then you are automatically able to generate payslips for that user, potentially saving you hours. One the task has been included in a payslip it is then marked off as paid and you will no longer be able to pay for that task again unless the payslip is deleted.

Relevant Training Materials

When creating tasks and parts you will see an input box that is labeled technical description. This text, along with the technical image, will be put together to create a training material page. When the training material is generated it will get all of the relevant training material and put it all into on document.

Personalised Brochure

From a quote, you can create a personalized brochure. This is done by collecting the brochure images and description. You can then drag and drop the text and images into place allowing it to be fully customizable.