One of the main things that we have tried to achieve with One Click Solution is to make the days to days running of you business quicker. We do this in several way.

One of the elements at your disposal will be the tasks, with tasks you can set all of the relevant information you need to be able to quickly create a quote for clients. These tasks can then have parts set to them. Once set up correctly you will be able to product quotes, invoices, schedules, and material lists from a single click.


By telling One Click Solutions what materials you are using and how many of each material we are then able to provide the option to manage your stock for you. This means that you no longer have to waste money on buying the stock you already have and you won't run short on the stock you need

Another cool feature that One Click Solution offers is managing your staff's payslips. This is done by a PPT (Pay Per Task) system. By paying staff based on what they achieve it encourages them to be self-motivated and allows you to more accurately track your profit margins.


One Click Solution is available across a range of devices sizes for two reason. The first reason is that is that it allows you to manage your business from any device, anywhere in the world.

The second reason is that it allows your staff to update you on the progress of the jobs that you have used One Click Solution to quote for. By checking of what tasks they have completed on the day they are not only able to keep you up to date on the progress of the job but they are also entering the data necessary the create their own payslips.